In the dynamic landscape of travel and hospitality, the surge in demand for refined outdoor experiences has led to a significant boom in the recreational vehicle (RV) park industry. As the President of Metrovitalization, a Pennsylvania-based real estate development company, we’ve observed firsthand the growing demand for campgrounds and RV parks, thus we have deployed the “Royalty Camping” development that is ready to break ground in 2024, offering both the adventure of traditional camping and the luxury of modern amenities. We’re capitalizing on this dynamic and profitable camping trend with Royalty Camping, as the project embodies the fusion of natural beauty and deluxe accommodations that millions of RVers seek today, aiming to attract a wide range of clientele, from first-time adventurers to seasoned RVers.

The evolution of campgrounds to deluxe RV resorts is more than just a fleeting trend; it’s a reflection of changing consumer preferences towards “glamping” and high-end recreational vehicle parks. Recognizing the pivotal role of strategic financing in bringing Royalty Camping to life, our goal is to engage with financiers who are keen on investing in an industry that is not only profitable but also enriching for the community. [See 2024 RV campground trends, profitability, and statistics summarized by Jannik Lindner].

The Rise for the RV Campground Resort

The RV campground industry is currently experiencing an unprecedented boom, underscored by a significant uptick in the development and enhancement of campgrounds and RV parks nationwide. This surge is not just a reflection of changing consumer preferences but also an indicator of the lucrative investment opportunities it presents.

Market Dynamics:

Annual revenue generation exceeds $5 billion, with projections indicating a steady growth rate of 4.59% through 2027.

The United States boasts approximately 53,722 RV parks and campgrounds, maintaining an average occupancy rate of 50%.

Over 1 million American households have embraced full-time RV living, contributing to a total of 9 million RV owners nationwide.

Economic Impact:

The RV industry significantly bolsters the U.S. economy, contributing around $140 billion, supporting nearly 680,000 jobs, and generating over $13.6 billion in taxes.

The market size for RV parks in the U.S. was valued at $6.38 billion in 2021, showcasing a growth from $5.93 billion the previous year.

Emerging trends in the RV park sector are reshaping the industry landscape. Parks are now rebranding as resorts, adding upscale amenities to compete with traditional hotels, especially during the warmer seasons. This evolution towards offering more diversified overnight options, enhanced comfort, recreational facilities, on-site dining, and unique experiences is a direct response to the growing demand for premium outdoor accommodations. To effectively capitalize on this opportunity, Metrovitalization plans to develop multiple Royalty Camping ventures in key locations throughout the United States, following the first Royalty Camping development in Lawrence County, PA this year.  In doing so, the company will participate in shaping the future of this rapidly growing and dynamically changing industry.

Features of Deluxe RV Campgrounds

Deluxe RV campgrounds are designed to provide an unparalleled experience for RVers, offering a blend of luxury and comfort that elevates the traditional camping experience. These campgrounds cater to a wide range of preferences and needs, ensuring that every guest finds something that suits their taste and lifestyle. Among the amenities that set these campgrounds apart are:

Standard Amenities:

Swimming pools and hot tubs for relaxation and leisure.

Fitness centers, playgrounds, and sports courts to keep guests active and entertained.

Organized activities that foster community and enhance the camping experience.

High-End Amenities:

Golf courses and spas for guests seeking a premium leisure experience.

Casual and Fine dining options that offer exquisite culinary experiences without leaving the comfort of the campground.

Market Trends Fueling the Campground Boom

A blend of market trends and evolving consumer preferences have ignited the RV campground industry to remarkable expansion levels, driven by key factors that are fueling this growth:

The advent of smart RVs equipped with cutting-edge technologies is revolutionizing the camping experience, making it more appealing to tech-savvy consumers.

Innovations include compact and lightweight RV designs, enhancing mobility and convenience for users.

The pandemic has notably shifted consumer preferences towards outdoor and nature-based experiences, with an upsurge in RV sales and growth during 2020 and 2021.

Despite a slow recovery in 2022 due to economic factors, the enduring appeal of RV travel suggests a resilient market.

3) Emerging Market Trends:

An increased demand for luxury camping options or “glamping” is evident, with consumers seeking high-end amenities and eco-friendly, sustainable RV parks.

The popularity of pet-friendly parks caters to the significant portion of RV owners who travel with pets, reflecting a broader trend towards inclusive, family-oriented camping experiences.


These trends underscore the potential for lenders, investors, and developers to capitalize on the growing demand for deluxe RV campgrounds, such as Royalty Camping, offering modern amenities and luxury features to cater to both new and experienced RVers.

Strategies for Capitalizing on the RV Campground

To leverage the flourishing interest in RV campgrounds and transform it into a profitable venture, focusing on a few strategic areas can make a significant difference:

1) Market Analysis and Brand Building:

Conduct thorough market research to identify target demographics and their preferences.

Develop a strong, consistent brand identity that resonates with your target audience, incorporating high-quality visuals and compelling messaging across all platforms.

2) Enhancing Guest Experience:

Prioritize exceptional customer service to create memorable experiences.

Diversify campground offerings by introducing unique amenities, organizing engaging events and activities, and partnering with local businesses to provide comprehensive experiences.

Implement a user-friendly online booking system, like linking to the Overpass campground reservation software, to streamline the reservation process.

3) Digital Marketing and Community Engagement:

Utilize social media to promote the park, engage with the audience through compelling content, and encourage user-generated content.

Engage in local community events to increase brand visibility and network with potential customers.

Implement targeted email marketing campaigns to foster long-term relationships with guests, encouraging repeat visits and referrals.

By adopting these strategies, businesses can not only capitalize on the current RV campground boom but also build a sustainable model that continues to attract and delight guests in the long term.

Technology and Amenities in Modern Campgrounds

Modern campgrounds are embracing the integration of technology and high-end amenities to elevate the camping experience to new heights. This approach not only meets the demands of today’s tech-savvy travelers but also streamlines operations, enhancing both guest satisfaction and operational efficiency:

Technology-Driven Enhancements:

•            Wi-Fi and Connectivity: Ensuring guests stay connected with high-speed Wi-Fi, is crucial for both leisure and remote work scenarios. As an example, Royalty Camping will provide an ultra-fast campground-wide wireless network enabling reliable and safe fiber optic speeds wirelessly everywhere across the campground, and dedicated wired connections available at each campsite for the fastest upload/download speeds available using Millimeter Wave Technology. The focus on fast reliable connections will facilitate superior connectivity for social and business digital activities for guests while camping, to meet the demands of today’s camping and glamping enthusiasts.

•            Smartphone Apps: Utilization of apps for seamless reservations, check-in processes, and instant access to campground information, mirroring the convenience of modern living.

•            Digital Displays: Implementation of digital displays throughout the campground for real-time updates and information, fostering an environment of efficiency and engagement.

•            Safety Tech: 24-hour video surveillance in general areas, and Blue Light Systems throughout campgrounds ensure the safety of campers and their children.

Operational Excellence through Automation:

•            Automated Check-Ins: Simplifying the arrival experience with automated check-in systems, allowing guests to bypass traditional front-desk procedures for a more streamlined entry.

•            Real-Time Communication: Leveraging automation for instant communication with guests, ensuring they are always informed and engaged.

•            Data-Driven Management: Utilizing real-time data access for better management of occupancy rates, reservations, and maintenance schedules, ensuring a smooth operational flow and enhanced guest experience.

Amenities that Redefine Deluxe Camping:

•            Golf Courses and Spas: Offering guests premium leisure options such as golf courses and spa services, catering to those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation within the natural beauty of our surroundings.

•            Campground Dining Options: Providing exquisite culinary experiences with casual and fine dining options, allowing guests to enjoy exquisite meals without leaving the comfort of the campground.

•            “White Glove Services”: Royalty Camping is introducing the new “White Glove Services” feature into the industry, a premier offering that seamlessly integrates the luxury of personalized service with the allure of outdoor adventures. Guests can indulge in an array of on-site amenities delivered directly to their campsite, from gourmet dining and bespoke events and birthday party catering to rejuvenating massages, salon services, and sophisticated beauty treatments. This service also bolsters the local economy and benefits businesses in the area.

Case Studies: Success Stories in the RV Campground Industry

The RV campground industry’s growth is a testament to the successful adaptation and innovation within the sector. Here are some notable case studies that highlight this success:

1) CRR Hospitality: Specializing in the RV resort industry, CRR Hospitality showcases a comprehensive approach to campground management. Their services span operations, human resources, accounting, digital marketing, and more, demonstrating the multifaceted nature of modern campground operations.

2) Blue Water Development: A prime example of excellence in the industry, managing 85 family destination campgrounds and RV resorts across 25 states. Their success lies in offering a full range of amenities, from onsite entertainment to glamping accommodations, attracting major investors like Sun Outdoors and Apollo Global Management.

The above case studies are only two of hundreds of examples that illustrate the vibrant and evolving nature of the RV campground industry, emphasizing the lucrative opportunities for investors and developers in creating premier camping experiences.

The Financial Landscape Investing in RV Campgrounds

The financial landscape of investing in RV campgrounds presents a compelling opportunity, ignited by the surge in demand and the strategic development of modern, amenity-rich parks. The industry has seen a significant influx of investments, drawing billions from both public and private sectors. This financial boost has enabled the development of new parks and the enhancement of existing ones with modern amenities and luxury features, catering to a diverse clientele.

Key Considerations for Financial Analysis:

•            Occupancy Rates: Essential for gauging financial performance, where an increase suggests profitability and a decrease may indicate the need for improved marketing or cost adjustments.

•            Revenue Streams: Critical to assessing through a comprehensive financial analysis, including exploration of potential income sources beyond basic site fees.

•            ROI Projections: With RV parks typically offering ROI ranging from 10% to 30%, factors such as location, operational efficiency, and the quality of guest services play pivotal roles.

Strategies to Enhance Financial Returns:

•            Operational Efficiency: Directly influences the bottom line, necessitating effective campground management and the integration of digital technologies.

•            Guest Services and Amenities: A critical factor in attracting and retaining guests, thereby impacting occupancy rates and profitability.

•            Market Dynamics Understanding: Tailoring offerings and pricing strategies according to seasonal trends and regional preferences can optimize revenue generation.

By leveraging these insights and focusing on strategic investments, Metrovitalization aims to not only capitalize on the current RV campground boom but also establish Royalty Camping as a premier destination, inviting potential financiers to explore the lucrative opportunities within this dynamic and booming industry.


As we navigate the landscape of deluxe RV campgrounds, it’s evident that the synergy between evolving consumer preferences and the advent of deluxe outdoor experiences, similar to the Royalty Camping model, signifies a pivotal shift in the travel and hospitality sector. The insights observed in our discussions within this article demonstrate the immense potential and profitability of investing in such ventures. As urban planners, real estate developers, and builders at Metrovitalization, we aim to create unparalleled experiences for our clients and lucrative opportunities for our partners. By capitalizing on strategic financing and fostering partnerships with like-minded partners, we are poised to set new standards in deluxe camping.

Are you a private lender or financier looking for a lucrative opportunityRoyalty Camping could be your next great investment. If you value a smooth process and prompt funding, we’d love to discuss this opportunity. Get the pro forma, deal sheet, and project overview. Visit our LinkedIn Showcase Page to learn more:

As we move forward, our focus remains on expanding the horizons of deluxe camping, inviting investors and new partners to join us in this rewarding journey, and we encourage other developers to do the same and to profit from the booming industry and high demand for new deluxe RV campgrounds throughout the United States, like Royalty Camping.

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