Urban Planning, Development and Construction

Faith-Driven Impact

Beyond The Blueprint

Our ‘Faith-Driven Approach’ goes beyond bricks and mortar, aiming to enrich the very soul of the communities we serve. By strategically using real estate development as a catalyst, every Metrovitalization development funds local ministries and initiatives that nurture spiritual well-being in our new communities and development projects. We’re building more than homes and commercial buildings; we’re cultivating environments where the Holy Spirit thrives, fostering a deeper sense of connection, purpose, and harmony

Ministries That Metrovitalization Supports

The N.O.W. Project

The N.O.W. Project is a ministry of Jubilee Ministries International, established by Dr. Mark Kauffman in 2020 in New Castle, PA. The organization has distributed over $4MM of food, produce and dairy products, serving over 150 families per month on average throughout the region; over $120,000 in grocery products to families in need every month since it’s inception. Metrovitalization is committed to continuing to support this ministry with funding from its real estate development projects in the region. For more information about the N.O.W. Project, visit The N.O.W. Project Webpage Here

New University In New Castle, PA

Metrovitalization is working closely with Jubilee Ministries International for the planning, financing, and development of a newworld-class university in New Castle, PA that will host over 1,600 students and provide advanced education in business, technical fields and Biblical ministries. The development of a new university in any community creates economic and business growth, attracts goods and services, and serves as a catalyst to enhance the quality of life and beautify the area. More information to come regarding this, in the coming weeks.

Aerial view of a bustling resort with water park and large hotel surrounded by forests.

Christian Vacation Resort

Metrovitalization is planning the development of a vacation resort in beautiful Lawrence County, PA.  A recreational environment that families can visit from areas throughout the country and enjoy the natural beauty of Lawrence County within a relaxing vacation environment with amenities for all ages, while enriching their lives with spiritual events and activities during their vacation experience. Several potential locations have been sited for this unique development. More to come as the project evolves.

New Worship Center

Metrovitalization is working closely with Jubilee Ministries International for the design and development of a new state-of-the-art worship center for the church in New Castle, PA. This development will bring vibrancy and beauty to the area, while expanding the church’s ministerial services for families and residents of New Castle, PA. Several possible locations have been sited for this development. More to come as the project progresses.


Faith-Centric Communities

Metrovitalization takes a holistic approach to real estate development that transcends the physical structures we create. We apply sound Biblical principles into our plans, designs, developments and construction practices to create a positive impact in the Kingdom of God with the goal of creating places “on earth, as it is in Heaven”.

The above developments are the beginning of Metrovitalization’s approach for spiritual enhancement of the areas we serve in New Castle, Lawrence County, and the Western Pennsylvania Region. The issues that communities face such as blight, abandonment, crime, and social dilemmas are both spiritual and physical.

Beautifying a community physically won’t remove these issues. Metrovitalization’s strategy in real estate development approaches the physical AND the spiritual environment to implement a more holistic approach for effectively improving the communities we serve. 

This page will be updated regularly to share our progress in the spiritual side of our developments, and we will share updates in our Blog Page as well.