Advantages of Modular in 2024



Modular homes come in different shapes and forms to suit every buyer’s needs and budgets. A new modular home can cost the same as an older home in your neighborhood and provide a higher quality living in every way. When you experience your new home and all things fresh within your new environment (appliances, kitchen, bathrooms, floors, etc.), your quality of life increases immediately and elevates your family’s health, joy and peace.


A new home that has never been lived in can be better for your health, finances, lifestyle and the environment. Most people that purchase older homes of lower quality may not be aware that they can afford a brand new modular home of higher quality within the same area. Be a savvy buyer and consider better options that you can afford. UpNest recently published a short article comparing the modern advantages of modular versus conventional that offers great insights, entitled “Stick Built Home vs Modular: Which is Better?“ It’s a great read if want to delve deeper and know more about the benefits of modular homes for you and your family.


Don’t miss out on the incredible benefits of modular homes! Get a free excerpt of my eBook, “Modular Homes: The Right Choice for Homebuyers in 2024,” and free homebuyer tools, and experience the advantages of modular homes available to you in 2024:

·      Lower cost

·      Higher value and equity

·      Reduced risk

·      Higher quality

·      Greater efficiency

·      Better for the environment and your health

·      Numerous financing programs available

For more information about how modular enhances your quality of life, read my blog “New Quality Homes Enhance Quality of Life…

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